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Top 10 Uses For Graco Spray Equipment

Graco has long been a preferred industry manufacturer of fluid-handling machinery that has an impressive spectrum of uses. Like spray foam machines and industrial sprayers, Graco equipment plays a large role in coating and protecting surfaces of all varieties. 

Check out these top 10 commercial uses for Graco spray equipment that can expand your business.

1. Spray Foam Insulation

Graco is best known for its stunning line of spray foam machines that apply fast-drying polyurethane or polyurea coatings. Therefore, applying spray foam insulation is one of the best uses for Graco equipment.

Varying from low-touch-up jobs to high-industrial outputs, Graco gives plenty of equipment alternatives so that contractors of all scales can find a Graco spray machine that satisfies their needs. Spray foam is used to insulate attics, reinforce walls, strengthen plumbing work, protect commercial roofs, and so much more. Since it has so many uses in diverse structures, this product is in high demand.

Graco Spray Units

Graco does not stop at just spray foam. Coatings like elastomeric, polyester, and more are essential to the structural integrity of buildings. Graco sprayers like the GH 733ES, GH 833, GH 300, and GH 933 can process even the most difficult to become atomized products. Here are other popular uses of Graco spray units beyond spray foam insulation.

2. Paint

Painting the conventional way takes a long time — plus, it can produce uneven results. Graco sprayers make it simple to cover a wide area evenly with interior or exterior paint. Best of all, the job can be accomplished in less time and with professional-quality results. Graco sprayers can also apply primers and protective enamel coatings that are often needed for commercial paint jobs. The only thing you have to do is wait for the paint to dry.

3. Roofing

While Graco spray foam equipment is used extensively in commercial roofing, Graco spray pumps also apply other protective coatings that roofs require. For instance, the Graco GH-300 and GH-833 apply a wide range of materials, including acrylics and elastomeric coatings for commercial roofs. Graco spray machinery can also apply aluminum and asphalt emulsions that are utilized for roofing purposes.

4. Waterproofing Materials

Constructions of all types need waterproofing support, whether it is new construction or an existing structure. For example, a freeway tunnel or bridge should be sealed to be shielded from water damage. Since many structures are formed of porous materials like concrete, and industrial sprayers can comprise a large area with expert waterproofing coatings, it will be stronger.

5. Roads

Graco spray machines can apply fibered and non-fibered asphalt emulsions that are applied to pave and patch roads. Whether you choose fibered coatings that are less dense or the non-fibered type, there is a Graco sprayer that can complete the job to your desired effect.

6. Epoxies

This versatile coating is seen in everything from furniture, to crafts, to basement floors. In construction, epoxy coatings can shield and protect flooring and roofs, offering a durable, attractive, and waterproof surface. Epoxy coatings are also beneficial for areas that need some protection against water, like concrete basement floors. 

7. Contact Cement

A Graco industrial sprayer can apply contact cement, a “jack of all trades” in commercial construction. This flexible acrylic contact adhesive can bond materials like wood, tile, rubber, metal, Formica, plastics, and more. When you need to apply contact cement on a larger scale, a spray pump makes the job faster and easier.

8. Block Filler

Graco spray pumps can also apply block filler, a useful material that can be applied under epoxy, polyester resins, and latex topcoats. It is also useful in preparing masonry. If this material is in high demand in your industry, a Graco pump can create high-quality applications that save you time.

9. Enamel Spray

When your coat of paint is dry, Graco spray equipment can apply clear enamel spray coatings to make a fantastic finishing touch. This transparent finish provides your paint the protection and sheen to make it complete. The beautiful gloss finish looks great on wood, concrete, and metal too.

10. Sealing

Graco spray machines can apply various seal coatings, such as mastics, which can be used in air ducts. When you need to cover a vast area and want the job done evenly and quickly, a spray pump can maximize your productivity.

Note: If you have a material in mind but want to make sure the sprayer can manage it, contact an ArmorThane Equipment and Supply expert today.

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