Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Choosing The Right Polyurea Spray Gun

Polyurea is an essential component used by the manufacturing and construction industries. The key to multitasking is that polyurea is utilized as protection across an endless number of applications, including walls, roofs, and ceilings. It is even used in industrial settings between pipe fittings or climate-controlled environments. In addition, the polyurea formula can be altered to suit different uses, depending on the application's demands.

Specialized equipment and training are needed when using polyurea to assure accurate application. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a high-quality polyurea spray gun used to apply the foam to the wall or other cavity. The formula for the polyurea is mixed in the chamber of the spray gun, creating the appropriate reaction of isocyanate and resin materials for the necessary application.

Polyurea Spray Gun Options

If you want to know how to select the best spray gun for your next polyurea coating project, you must first consider the project you're working on and the different possibilities available for each gun. Graco spray guns and PMC spray guns are two of the most popular brands, each having its unique advantages.


There are three different types of purge or mixing styles available in industrial spray guns:

  • Air Purge – Simple single assigned port design relies primarily on pressure for atomizing. When materials are not being sprayed, uses a blast of compressed air to keep the mixing chamber clean—the widely available design in the polyurea market and support both fan and round spray patterns.

  • Mechanical – Robust internal mixing design demands more wear parts but gives the widest range of output to mix ratio. Cleans the mixing chamber with a steel rod that serves as an on/off valve when actuated. Generally used in both fan and round patterns for both coatings and spray foam insulation.

  • Liquid – Same principle as the air purge with an added liquid shot cleaner into the chamber with each trigger pull to reduce mixing chamber build-up.

The mixing chamber must be kept clean to ensure harmonious sprays and retain the correct formula.


Mixing chambers on both the PMC spray guns and Graco spray guns should be accommodated to the size of the job you want to do. Obviously, the larger the chamber, the more material applied during spray time. 

Selecting a polyurea spray gun doesn't have to be difficult if you consider the best brands, along with the job you need to complete. ArmorThane carries all the big name brands we have discussed in this article. You can contact them here.

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