Tuesday, June 15, 2021

History Of Polyurea & Spray Foam

Since the discovery of polyurethane and polyurea in 1937, the progressions in these types of “plastics” chemistry have presented answers to some of the most challenging design goals when presented with the manufacturing framework.
Polyurethane chemistry was fitting for many uses, ranging from; adhesives and paints to protective coatings and sealants. Polyurethane foam revolutionized the insulation for ultra-energy-efficient home envelope design. Polyurea coatings have been formulated to meet the most stringent protective coatings and liners for roofing, containment, flooring, bridge preservation, and infrastructure life preservation.


Jens A Paasche Plural-Component Gun application

• The Glidden Company – Plural-Component Gun
• Westinghouse Electrical Corporation – Pour Fill Appliances 


The Sherwin Williams Company – Multi-Component Gun

Elsa Wheeler – Nicholson Spray Gun


• Friedrich Stranz – Apparatus and method for insulating walls with spray foam
• Pittsburg Plate Glass Corporation – spray foam insulation
• Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company – Spray Foam System 

A. Gusmer Inc. Plural Component Gun


Dupont Spray Foam System

• Allied Chemical Corporation – board stock 
• Freeman Chemical Corporation – packaging foam 


• Electro Chemical Engineering and MFG Company – Spray Foam Gun
• Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company – Spray Foam in Mining Application

• Union Carbide Corporation – Proportioning System
• Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation – spray foam insulation for tanks 


• Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) – Spray Foam Gun
• Lloyd S. Turner – spray foam dome form

• Union Carbide Corporation – Spray Foam Gun
• Delevan Manufacturing Company – Spray Foam Gun


Keith M. Lang – spray foam roof

• Henry N. Babcock – under roof deck insulation sprayed in place 
• Union Carbide Corporation – Spray Foam Gun
• Holley Carburetor Company – Spray Foam System


• Binks Manufacturing Company – Spray Foam Gun
• Johnson & Gardner – Spray Foam Gun
• Gusmer begins distributing their products through distributors

Binks Research and Development Corporation – Spray Foam System


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