Friday, July 9, 2021

Best Ways To Save Chemical And Make Money On Your Projects


Chemical is typically the most costly part of any project. It can easily impact your profit margins if you aren't careful. Our experts have learned a lot from time and prepared the top four methods to reduce waste and keep material on the Jobsite and in storage.

1. Balance the chemical mixture: Spray foam must be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. Does your foam stick to the substrate? Does it smell fishy? These are signs that your ratio is not correct. You will need to apply another application and waste additional material. The foam is resin-rich and the fishy smell can be explained by a decrease of the "A" side.

2. Watch your internal drum temperature: Material should only be used at the manufacturer's recommended temperature. It is equally important to keep stored material within the material temperature storage range. Material stored at the correct temperature will prevent it from getting too hot and make it ready for use.

3. Reduce oxygen levels: Air can either be your friend or enemy. It helps cure the material by allowing it to cool. The air helps to cure the material; however, too much air can settle in the drum and cause moisture to build up. Desiccant Dryers can be an economical way to prevent moisture buildup.

4. Do not store too much: Have you heard of Newton's First Law, which states that you should not keep your material for too long? Your material is the same. Spray quality drops if it is left to sit for too long. If your material has been sitting for too long, chances are it is at the wrong temperature. It is best to use material as soon as possible. Even if the material was designed for cold weather, it will still be suitable for use in summer.

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